Attention: Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators who are exhausted overwhelmed, and fed up with NOT generating the revenue they truly want in their business…

In 60-Minutes, I’ll Help You Engineer, Plan, And Map Out The Exact CAMPAIGN For Adding Five Figures Per Month Into Your Coaching Business, Over The Next 90 Days!

This process is one of the most effective ways for SPEEDING UP new sales, clients, and cash flow quickly. And it’s all possible using the Campaign Conversion CODE™, which you’ll see in just a moment.
Say goodbye to revenue struggles in your coaching business.

There’s a new and different way to increase revenue without adding more funnels, courses, or complexity to your coaching business.
Say goodbye to revenue struggles in your coaching business.

There’s a new and different way to increase revenue without adding more funnels, courses, or complexity to your coaching business.

“It’s called The Campaign Conversion CODE™.”

And it’s very different from the ordinary methods you're likely familiar with because of how it shortens your learning curve down to 60 minutes by you and I working together one-on-one. 

AND at the end of our session, you’ll walk away with your fully fleshed-out personalized marketing plan for your coaching business.

As you’ll see by the time you’re done reading this page… 

You’ll have complete clarity on how this might just be the missing link in your coaching business.

The best part is... 

It doesn’t require you to be technical, salesy, or work long hours in your business.

And you can have a complete, ready-to-go revenue roadmap explicitly engineered for your coaching business within around 60-minutes.

So, if you'd like to add five figures per month to your coaching business, pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you on this page.

“Who is Chris Koehl?”

Chris Koehl
Chris Koehl
Creator of The Campaign Conversion CODE™
​​RE: The Campaign Conversion CODE™.
Date: {{long-date}}
Hi, my name is Chris Koehl.

If we’ve never met before, here’s a little about my background…

After helping close to a few hundred coaches, consultants, and business owners engineer, build and optimize their marketing funnels over the last 20 years… 
I’m excited to share something brand NEW with you.

I love helping coaches, consultants, and course creators more than anything, which is why...

“I want to help you drive more revenue into your coaching business.”

Here’s the thing...

I’ve noticed there are THREE main reasons most coaches, consultants, and course creators get stuck when it comes to bringing in more cash:
  • Most coaches don’t have a strategic marketing plan (revenue roadmap) for attracting their ideal prospects, converting them into new clients, and effortlessly growing their revenue.
  • Most coaches lack the technical skillset needed for today’s digital marketing landscape {{YYYY}}.
  • Most coaches simply do not fully understand their marketplace's psychology, sociology, and behavior patterns of their marketplace.
Without these skillsets and expertise, consistently driving daily revenue becomes an uphill battle. 

This is unacceptable to me, and I can help you generate CASH-FLOW much faster than trying to learn it all by yourself.

We’ll do this in about 60-minutes!


You’re already working in your coaching business.

I believe it’s time to start working smarter and increasing your revenue without building more funnels and courses or adding complexity to your business.

Simplicity is what works in {{YYYY}}!

Let’s quickly walk through this together.

First, please understand…

“The Campaign Conversion CODE™

engineers ONE simple, profitable campaign!”

When we work together, you can be completely confident you’ll walk away knowing what steps to take to make the cash register ring.

This works because for the past two decades, I’ve been quietly behind the scenes (in my office here in Kansas) developing my Campaign Conversion CODE™ for myself.

This comes from being in the trenches and having to figure this stuff out…

Engineering, building, and optimizing marketing funnels for some of the world's top coaches, consultants, and info-marketers you’ll meet in just a moment.

It’s my job to drive revenue into the business; this is where my Campaign Conversion CODE™ comes into play.

And after building close to a thousand marketing campaigns and funnels over the last twenty years and helping hundreds of coaches, consultants, and business owners like you...

“I’ve dialed in this process to a science!”

You’ll see how this all works in a second…

Feel confident about having a revenue-generating marketing campaign because you’re working with a top marketing specialist.

Not someone who’s simply bought a funnel course, “funnel-hacked” a few funnels, or thinks a good marketing funnel is about “looking” fancy.

Now, let’s look at…

“How Jeremy Miner Skyrocketed to one of the INC. 500 fastest-growing sales training companies last year!” 

(Using the Campaign Conversion CODE™)

Jeremy Miner
Founder of 7th Level
Quick backstory…

When clients reach out to me, it’s usually because their current marketing funnel is burning up cash, and they need to put the fire out fast.


They’re looking to launch a new product or service and want a marketing funnel specialist to engineer the entire process, build it out, and optimize it.

This is where I come in.
After doing this for almost twenty years, the only thing I’ve found that matters is getting RESULTS for the client. 

My definition of “GETTING RESULTS” means… 

“Making the cash register ring consistently!”

What I’ve discovered through my experience is that…
  • It's NOT about how many “likes” do you have on social media.
  • ​It's NOT about having a fancy-looking marketing funnel.
  • ​It's NOT about having complex marketing automation and systems.
  • It's NOT about manipulating the reader and stirring them up into an emotional frenzy, so they buy right now.
Unfortunately, a lot of marketers think these things work.

They think “hacking” someone else's marketing funnels and using them for their business is where the magic happens… it does NOT.

If the marketing funnel were the magic, everyone who had one would be crushing it.

They’re NOT.

What it’s about is the marketplace and the message you put in front of them.

I love what David Ogilvy said about consumers...

“The consumer isn't a moron. She is your wife.”
― David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

My marketing approach is simple...

Help people solve their problems better than your competitors. 

Make it simple, straightforward, and easy for them to understand the outcome.

Meet Jeremy Miner.
Jeremy is a rockstar!

Imagine how fast your REVENUE would ramp up with the proper guidance and roadmap for your coaching business.

Say goodbye to worry, stress, and doubt when generating cash flow in your coaching business because I’ll shortcut your learning curve quickly.

OK, now let's look at…

“What the Campaign Conversion CODE™

“What the Campaign Conversion CODE™

does differently than everything else!”

I designed the Campaign Conversion CODE™ to do ONE THING… 

To give you the highest chance of engineering a revenue-producing marketing campaign from the start.

Unlike most marketers, who simply focus on the "funnel type," (webinar funnel, book funnel, etc) and then hope it works for the client...


Thanks to this unique protocol I've developed, you and I can move quickly (within 60 minutes).

(More on this in a minute.)

Understand this comes from years of getting knocked down, and getting back up...

Working in the trenches with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and business owners. 

I call this failing forward. 

Because of this… 

I deeply understand what it takes to get your prospects to take out their credit card and quickly buy what you’re selling.

90-minutes with me on a Zoom meeting might just take years off your learning curve and be worth a small fortune to your coaching business.

Now, let me show you…

“The Campaign Conversion CODE™...

“The CK Campaign Conversion CODE™...

systematically drives prospects, sales, and clients into your coaching business on a daily basis.”

(NOTE: It does this using my 9-step process I've developed, which uses marketplace sociology, along with my latest direct response marketing strategies for {{YYYY}}.)

(NOTE: It does this using my 9-step process I've developed, which uses marketplace sociology, along with my latest direct response marketing strategies for {{YYYY}}.)

There are three phases to the Campaign Conversion CODE™ for ensuring your marketing campaign drives in cash-flow, clients, and profits.

Let’s quickly walk through these… 
 Phase #1: CLARIFY.
 Phase #1: CLARIFY.
In this first phase, it’s all about getting crystal clear and CLARIFYING the following three things…

1: Marketplace
2: Mechanism
3: Message

This CLARIFY phase is where we'll dial in your market, mechanism, and message.

Don’t worry if any of this seems new to you; I’ll walk you through it in our meeting.

Just know these first three steps are what I consider to be the most important above everything else.

Next is…
 Phase #2: CONSTRUCT.
This second phase it’s all about the process of CONSTRUCTING one simple type of marketing campaign.

4: Attract
5: Win
6: Convert

Here you’ll see my simple process for setting up your marketing funnel, and offer structure, so you can bring in new prospects, sales, and clients like clockwork.

Last is…
 Phase #3: COMUNICATE.
Most stop at this point, lose focus, and ultimately waste their time and money on the past two steps.

All this because… 

They didn’t have the discipline and skills to PUSH THROUGH and OVERCOME the obstacles that arose. 

NOT ME, I got you!

This third phase is about COMMUNICATING to your clients, prospects, and new people in order to maximum your ROI, so you’re increasing profits on a regular basis.

7: Ascend
8: Publish
9: Promote

Once we’ve reached this stage, you’ll know with 100% certainty you’ve got a profitable marketing campaign.

We start to expand to the cold market at this point (and only at this point). 

This way, you’re not burning through ad dollars with an offer no one wants.

The Campaign Conversion CODE™ has taken me lots of time to perfect, and it's how I'm able to...

Consistently GET RESULTS for my private clients.”

Todd Brown
Creator of the E5 Method™
Let me quickly introduce you to Todd Brown.

Todd is the creator of the E5 Method™

He brought me in to work with him on some new event based marketing campaigns for his company.

These campaigns were designed to move people to the next level in Todd's business.

I went to work engineering, constructing, and optimizing these multiple campaigns. 

Here's what Todd is saying...

“Chris gets my highest endorsement!”

Working with Todd is great.

When working at this level with pros, you must bring your A-GAME!

Again, when I work with my clients it's all about...

“Driving in daily revenue!”

Todd Falcone
Top Network Marketing Trainer
Let me introduce you to Todd Falcone.

Todd is one of the TOP network marketing trainers in the world.

When Todd reached out to me almost two decades ago, we started with a basic website.

We then reconnected several years ago and have been working together ever since then. 

I engineer all of his strategy, systems, copy, funnels and marketing automation.

Here's what Todd is saying about us working together…
Todd is great to work with and helps his tribe get results, making my job much easier.

I love working with smart and savvy people who are professionals at what they do.

Here’s the thing…

Using my Campaign Conversion CODE™ is like having the combination to a bank vault filled with piles of cash. 

Simply turn the dial on the vault door to the combination I give you, open it up, and collect your cash! 

And I can tell you, this will be…

“The easiest 60-minutes you’ll invest in your coaching business!”

“The easiest 90-minutes you’ll invest in your coaching business!”

We’ll have fun.

Simply answer my questions, and watch as I craft your 90-day revenue roadmap right in front of you.

This is a very collaborative process that happens between you and me.

Quick story:
Maurilio Amorim
 CEO of A Group Marketing Agency.
Let me introduce you to Maurilio Amorim.

Maurilio is the CEO of A Group, a marketing agency.

Maurilio had a client whose website lost lots of money on paid advertising.

His team tried everything to plug the holes in the money bucket, but nothing worked.

“Maurilio reached out to me to see if I could help them turn this funnel around.”

I saw several issues after reviewing the numbers, analytics, and funnel steps.

I then went on to engineer a new marketing campaign using my Campaign Conversion CODE™, wrote a new direct response sales letter (like this one) for the product, and the sales came!

Here’s what Maurilio is saying…

"If you don’t want to piecemeal your next campaign, Chris is your man..."
"Chris is a one-man agency. He can create the strategy, write copy, implement a sales funnel, and monitor the campaign. Chris is your man if you don’t want to piecemeal your next campaign." - Maurilio Amorim

Back to you…

On our call, we’ll discuss your goals and what you’re looking to achieve with your coaching business.

And the best part is...

“I’m doing the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to feel like you need the answers.”

All you have to do is grab your favorite beverage, sit back, relax, and chat.

This is going to be fun!

“You’ll have the roadmap & confidence to generate revenue on-demand!”

“You’ll have the roadmap & confidence to generate revenue on-demand!”

Feel confident knowing your new 90-day roadmap is rock solid, and you’re hitting your revenue goals.

While at the same time increasing prospects, sales, and clients.
Tim & Laura Sales
Top Network Marketing Trainers
Next, meet Tim & Laura Sales.

Tim & Laura are top trainers in the network marketing industry.

At the time they were in the middle of launching two new training programs.

They already had a team of people, except their things were moving slowly.
Once I reviewed their goals and vision of what they wanted to accomplish, I went to work.

I engineered their entire marketing automation strategy, built all their funnels using my Campaign Conversion CODE™, and launched immediately.

Again, the sales came pouring in!

Here’s what they’re saying about us working together…

"Can't say enough about his expertise..."

“We worked with Chris for several years and can't say enough about his expertise in digital marketing. He does excellent work and is very fast and efficient with his time. He set up and automated all aspects of online marketing for our business. We highly recommend him." - Tim & Laura Sales

Tim and Laura are great to work with.

Now, you’ll be able to ditch the guesswork, stress, and anxiety.

Imagine the feeling of opening up your inbox and seeing all those “NEW SALE” notifications pouring in.

Now, I want to share something brand new, I'm calling my 60-Minute Campaign Accelerator™. 

First, there's something I want to mention to you...

“This 60-minute

campaign accelerator is NOT for everyone!”

“This 90-minute accelerator is NOT for everyone!”

Here's WHO this 60-minute campaign accelerator is for...
 ONE: You must be an ACTION TAKER, and have a real business with a good list of BUYERS who have purchased at least $50K or more from you in the past.

This is because you'll mail the new offer we created together to your list first.

This way, we can dial it in and know what works, so you can feel confident when running paid ads.
 TWO: You must be willing to charge $3,500 (or more) and take action on the plan I outline for you on our accelerator call together. 

“I’ll let you in on a little secret...”

It takes the same energy and effort to sell a $47.00 item as it does to sell a $3,500 item.

So, by making only three sales of a $3,500 product or service, you’ve added over $10,000 for the month.
 THREE: You must be a coach, consultant, or information marketer, as this is not for brick-and-mortar or e-commerce businesses.

Now, if you’re the type of person who might want my help beyond our 60-minute session, I offer a “done-with-you” option.

I'll share more on our call on how I CAN HELP YOU execute the plan so you’re not alone.

Remember, we’re working together and laying out your 60-minute marketing campaign in real-time, so I’m with you every step.

You’ll be able to lean on my years of experience, knowledge, and being in the trenches.

This means you’re not alone; I’m right here with you by your side every step.

It’s all part of my new…

“60-Minute Campaign Accelerator!”

“90-Minute Campaign Accelerator™.”

We're going to create your personalized campaign code for your coaching business!

“I’ve scheduled 5, 4, 3 “60-Minute Campaign Accelerators” for this {{nextthursday}}; spots will be going quickly.”

Now is the time to secure your spot.

The 60-Minute Campaign Accelerator™ gives you a complete, ready-to-go roadmap explicitly customized for your coaching business. 

This ensures you’re on the right track to adding five figures per month to your coaching business.

More often, making you more sales in less time than it would normally take.

You’ll feel proud of yourself for making the wise decision for us to work together.

Knowing your revenue is ramping up and your coaching business is becoming more profitable daily.

Now, something you need to know…

Due to my jam-packed schedule, I can only work with so many coaches.

This means there are only so many spots available, and…

“As of today ({{long-date}})

There Are ONLY 5, 4, 3 Spots Left!”

These spots are on a first-come, first-served basis, so I recommend grabbing one of them today.

These spots will go fast!

Now, let’s talk about price.

If we were to work together one-on-one for the day, the price for this would be $15,000.00.

Because you’re building your coaching business and have read up to this point, this shows me you’re looking to make a change.

And I’ve come up with a way to help you put this Campaign Conversion CODE™ into your coaching business at a no-brainer price point.

Because of this…

You’re NOT going to pay anywhere near my $15,000.00 a day fee.

The price for the 60-Minute Campaign Accelerator™ is only $2,000.00.

“This is an exclusive opportunity for you and me to work together for 60-minutes, and I’m opening up 5, 4, 3 spots this week.”

This way, we can lower the cost for you yet still help you use the Campaign Conversion CODE™ in your coaching business. 

There's more good news…

I’ve got a quick question for you.

I'm doing these one-on-one calls as a BETA TEST to start with. 

This way, I can dial in our process to ensure you walk away with your revenue roadmap and take action.

If you'd be willing to share your success story with me after launching your new revenue roadmap, we’ll be creating together… 

I'll give you a better price when you grab your spot today.

Because if so, you'll get an additional 50% OFF the regular price RIGHT NOW!

“That’s a total SAVINGS of $1000.00!”

Your price today (if you agree to share your success story with me) is a one-time payment of only $1000!

Remember, I love success stories :-)

And, if we end up working together in my higher-end program, I'll CREDIT the $1,000 towards it, if you take action within the 48hour window.

Plus, I’m confident I can help you; you’re getting...

“My Can’t Lose Guarantee!”

Chris Koehl
Chris Koehl
Creator of The Campaign Conversion CODE™
Here’s the deal:

Once we map out your customized marketing campaign on our 60-minute call, it’s time for you to get into massive action.

Follow the instructions for my Campaign Conversion CODE™ I give you durning our time together so that you can get the fastest results possible.

And, if you cannot add three new offer sales ($10,000 plus) into your coaching business for some reason.
Contact me within 30 days of your purchase. 

I’ll go into the funnel, review everything, and run some tests. 

If I can’t get it to work, I’ll happily refund your purchase on the spot.

If I can’t help you increase your revenue and help you grow your coaching business, you don’t pay!

You have NO RISK.
- Chris

“Secure One Of These...

“Secure One Of These...

5, 4, 3 Spots Today!”

Here’s the thing...

You’re working in your coaching business every day, and NOT using the Campaign Conversion CODE™, and you’re leaving money on the table. 

There’s no need to continue spending all your time trying to do it yourself without having a proven process to do the heavy lifting. 

Instead, grab one of my 5, 4, 3 spots left, and let’s map out your marketing campaign for your coaching business today!

Again, your special price right now is a...

One-Time-Payment of $1,000!

Getting started is EASY!

Simply enter your information in our secure order form below, and grab your spot right now, before they're all gone.
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