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The Secret to the First Sale

April 30, 20242 min read

The Secret to the First Sale

Let’s talk about making the first sale.

I call this step #6 Magic Moment in my campaign conversion code™ process.

If you’ve missed the other five steps, they’re here:

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Marketing Campaign Success: Step 2 – Method Creator.

Marketing Campaign Success: Step 3 – Message Mastery.

Marketing Campaign Success: Step 4 – Magnetic Message.

Marketing Campaign Success: Step 5 – Momentum Mover.


After engineering hundreds of marketing campaigns over the last two decades, I’ve noticed a few things.

When the correct things are done in order, they naturally eliminate specific objections, which makes the sale smooth.

In the Magic Moment stage, we’re making an offer for the first time.

When this is done right, sales come flooding in.

When this is NOT done, sales barely trickle in.

Let’s look at why I created this stage and what it does.

I stumbled on this by accident.

Here’s what happened.

A few years ago, a new client wanted me to review their funnel to see why it was not converting.

I told them it would be $5K and sent them a payment link to get started.

The money was in my account within the next few minutes, and I got to work.

I spent the next few days digging through their data, analytics, and funnel.

I then put together a little presentation of me going through their funnel and showing them everything I recommend to improve conversions.

At the end of my little video, I told them if they wanted me to do this for them, it was $25K, and if they got started within the next 48 hours, I’d credit the $5K funnel review fee, so it’s only $20K.

They jumped at the opportunity!

This was when I realized the power of the first sale.

My first sale (the funnel review) was setting up the second sale for my done-for-you service.

I cover all the details on page 41 in my Campaign Conversion CODE™ book on how I engineer this.

Download it at…

Start engineering the conversion process into your marketing campaigns today.

Download the Campaign Conversion CODE™ book and start creating a profitable marketing campaign for your business.

-Chris Koehl

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Chris Koehl

Direct response copywriter, marketing funnel integrator, and overall rainmaker. Chris has been providing done-for-you marketing services generating sales, revenue, and profits for his partners and clients. He's been in the game (behind the scenes) for the past 20-plus years and loving it. If you'd like Chris's help you can text 316-799-3099.

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