3 Surefire Steps to Optimizing Your Blog for RED-HOT Leads

3 Surefire Steps to Optimizing Your Blog for RED-HOT Leads

Today I want to share with you… 3 surefire steps to optimize your blog and generating red-hot leads.

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Ok, let’s get rocking-n-rolling on getting your blog optimized for more leads.

Step #1: Define your blog categories.

The purpose of doing this is to target the different segments in your market. Let’s me give you a quick example. Let’s say you have a blog on weight loss. You could create a category called “Weight Loss Recipes” and this is where you would put all your blog posts related to recipes.

You could then have another category called “healthy living” and here you would talk about all things related to lifestyle and weight loss. You could do another one on “fitness for weight loss”. I think you’re starting to get the idea.

I would recommend coming up with 3 – 15 categories depending on your market and how deep you want to get.

Here’s an example of my blog so you can get some ideas…

Mutiple Blog Categories

Now, you may be thinking…. “Chris, why do I need so many categories?”

And that’s a great question. The answer is ONE WORD… “segmentation”. The definition of segmentation is…

The division into separate parts or sections.

In other words we want to put people into different buckets (or to be more technical, follow up campaigns). So for example the “weight loss recipes” people would go into one bucket. The “healthy lifestyle” people would go into another bucket. The fitness people would go into another bucket.

The entire purpose of doing this is to be able to have a conversation with them based on THEIR INTEREST level. So, this also allows us to tailor our product or service to them so it’s a MATCH.

I’ll talk more about this in future training lessons so make sure you’re subscribed to my blog here (just optin to the box on this page). Ok, now we have the plan and we’re ready to start building our list so let’s move to the next step…

Step #2: Segment your ‘lead magnets’.

Now that you have your different categories and you know the different angles of the market that you’ll be targeting. It’s time to create your lead magnets. Noticed, I said “magnets” and not “magnet”. This is because we’ll want to create one lead magnet per category.

For example here’s my lead magnet for this category on this blog…

Optimized your blog for red-hot leads

Now, before I continue… allow me to quick describe what I mean when I use the term “lead magnet”.

A lead magnet is a chunk of content that delivers VALUE right away to the reader.

Let me give you a very basic and simple example of what I mean. Let’s say you were doing a search online for how to recruit more people into your network marketing business using social media.

Then you came across a page that said something like… “Get My 7 Steps to Recruiting On Social Media Cheat Sheet” right now and start growing your network marketing business – fast.

So, what we have now is a specific lead magnet tied to each category on your blog.

QUICK TIP… Think of the lead magnet as continuing the conversation from the blog post and allowing the reader to take a deeper dive into that subject.

Step #3: Focus Optin Process.

Ok, once the reader is on your blog post consuming the content we want to engineer our optin process so it’s super simple for the reader to give us their information and in return, we’ll help them solve a problem with our lead magnet.

(Quick side note: You want to collect leads of people you can help and provide value to and help them achieve their goals and dreams.)


Ok, back to the optin process…

I recommend having your offer for your lead magnets in multiple places on your blog post. You want to give your reader multiple options to take a deeper dive into the subject they’re reading about on your blog.

You might have an offer “in your content” for your lead magnet (just like I’m doing here on this post). You might also have an option in the sidebar of your blog or as an exit intent pop-up when they go to leave the page.

These different things you’ll want to test, because I’ve seen a lot of things work in one market, yet NOT work in a different market.

Alright that wraps up today’s quick training.

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Alright this is Chris and I’ll see you in another quick training lesson.

Make it a great day… you deserve it!

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