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"Chris gets my highest endorsement..."

-Todd Brown

"If you want results go to Chris..."

-Jeremy Miner

"You got to work with Chris..."

-Todd Falcone

"Chris's book is like a gem..."
“Chris's book is like a gem—small but valuable.”
- Robert W. Bly, author of 100 published books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “the world’s best copywriter”
"Have Chris do it..."
"Chris's book is an amazing book if you want to do all of this "funnel stuff" yourself. But, even better, just have Chris do it. It will save you a lot of time, energy, money and aggravation!"
- Fred Gleeck DynamicEquityCoaching.com
"There are some golden nuggets..."
"Apart from the framework, there are some golden nuggets that Chris shares based on his 20+ years in the field of digital marketing."
- Pepita Bos, CEO & Founder of Fluks, a Knowledge Commerce Agency
"Chris's book explains a scientific formula for creating a marketing message..."
"Chris's book explains a scientific formula for creating a marketing message that resonates with your target market.  It explains how to create the perfect lead magnet that generates a super high optin rate. This brief and easy-to-read book has it all. And it only took me a couple of hours to read through the entire book."
- David Frey
"Chris pulls back the curtain..."
"Chris's book goes against the grain and challenges many of the unfounded, yet widely accepted, marketing practices in today's marketplace. Chris pulls back the curtain and shows the reader a behind-the-scenes look into what certifiably successful marketing looks like. If you’re willing to do the work, this book is a great step-by-step blueprint!"
- Chris Lee
JoFARA Podcast
"Get Chris's book before you top competitor does…"
“Chris's book unlocks the exact process that expert marketer Chris Koehl uses to consistently pump out winning campaign after winning campaign, and makes it stupid simple. It almost seems unfair that Chris is giving up his trade secrets to the rest of us… but I’m glad he did! Get this book before you top competitor does… or you’ll be left in the dust.”
- David Perrera 
"Chris pretty much covers all aspects of business..."
"Chris took the super complex idea of having a product line that sells, and broke down the key milestones while also providing some serious training wheels."
- Paul Sokol
"Looking for real results, Chris's book..."
"If you are looking for real results, Chris's book brings insights and clarity into your business challenges. Chris Koehl’s method will help you understand where you are in your business, and define the steps to help you move forward. Chris has an amazing ability of boiling down all the “stuff” going on, and guides you to a clear and focused plan. I highly recommend him."
- Silvia Barten
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