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Date: January 9, 2024
From the desk of: Chris Koehl

One of the most critical factors I’ve found for increasing conversions, sales, and growing your revenue comes down to one word.

What is this one word?

This word is… TRUST!

When a person trusts you, things go a lot smoother.

This means…

Conversations are fun and engaging, making it much easier to do business.

Sales happen fast because the person trusts you.

Price is no longer an issue because of their trust in you.

When you’ve established trust with your clients, it’s as smooth as silk.

If you’ve not established trust first, your marketing suffers.

Let’s look at trust.

What is trust?

Is it a few words on a page or something we say to people?

It’s one thing to say… “hey, trust me.”

This makes me cringe when I hear this.

For me, trust is something built between two people over time.

Trust is developed by action.

Doing what you say you’ll do.

Being congruent so your actions and your language are aligned.

We want to engineer this into your marketing campaigns because trust is a big part of the conversion process.

And in the Campaign Conversion CODE™ process, it’s step five.

I cover all the details on page 37 in my Campaign Conversion CODE™ book on how I engineer this.

Download it right now at…

Start engineering TRUST into your marketing campaigns today.

Download the Campaign Conversion CODE™ book and create a wildly profitable marketing campaign for your business.

-Chris Koehl

About the author 

Chris Koehl

Direct response copywriter, marketing funnel integrator, and overall rainmaker. Chris has been providing done-for-you marketing services generating sales, revenue, and profits for his partners and clients. He's been in the game (behind the scenes) for the past 20-plus years and loving it. If you'd like Chris's help you can text 316-799-3099.


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